Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Aim Bot

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Shooting with high accuracy at a late stage Aimbot war

Returning to the question of creation in the near future, is the impression given to the various trailers, the control of a kind of super heroes (and the exoskeleton helps a lot in this regard).

It’s funny because superheroes lately out of fashion, even for films, for example: “When I was 8 years ago, Dead Space, there was a trend in video games – people have said,” I want to be a normal person and so that Dead Space Heroes is an engineer, a regular guy today people say .. “I want to do more able I want to fly, jump, is very, very strong” .the luggage duty switch I do not know if it is a cultural trend, but maybe it is, with the desire to get away from it has to be done. “Dropoff Window

In Advanced Guerra States does not have an army able to fight against the threat of terrorism and the war to a private military companies led by Jonathan Irons outsource: Kevin Spacey plays him, one of the brightest stars of film and television Americans.

“Working with him was fantastic and gave us knew the rest, that if we wanted to repeat a joke certainly done better on the second attempt have ..” Thou shalt not be the first woman, but “has prompted us directly, he said that the way we think a particular scene or a particular expression .. Say “Tell me what you want and I will try to interpret,” and was also generous with other suggestions or slide it easy on their find mere presence. “The baggage drop off

After re-launching concompanytion editor of the emblem in the range of options that we use to personalize our alter ego Multiplayer Call of Duty: Advanced War Boys Sledgehammer is back on stage in media communication for us to show new images of the game.

Antiphons images today by the subsidiary in California Activision allows us a few decorating ideas that, behold in the main campaign missions, multiplayer competition arenas and scenarios that will be associated associated with survival Exo the bottom of the challenges at the end ,

In this particular mode of cooperation of a maximum of four user along a position against the attacks of the enemies must come in waves, and that our soldiers are with hi virtual technology equipment including concealment systems are equipped find grenades defend heat, drones, exoskeletons weapons and direct energy.

Call of Duty: provided at the top of the war to start not found today on November 4 on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox and PlayStation 4. Unlike most Edition for PC and current generation platforms, the development Sledgehammer studio version for users of the next generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles are to be signed by high Moon, the team from California who has spent the last adjustments Games Transformers movie.